Temple Israel – Weekly Newsletter – 8/8/18

When prospective Reform rabbis first enroll in seminary, they spend the first year living in Jerusalem. There, as winter comes to an end, they have a saying: Purim, Passover, Packing. It’s a testament to how fast this season moves. After all, we only just finished a very fun Purim season and now suddenly find ourselves making Passover seder plans. And, as it turns out, I know of a few families (myself included) in our community going through the packing and unpacking process as they prepare to move to new houses and even new cities.

Still, it’s when life starts moving fast that it’s a good time to slow down and reflect. To that end, before completely closing the door on Purim, I want to once again express my appreciation to LJCRS, Hillel, and the Jewish Federation of Lafayette for the wonderful Purim carnival for our children. I also want to give a special thank you to all of our Rock Shabbat musical participants, Tommy Sors, Joy Steele-Morris, and Pam Dunn.  And, of course, Purim wouldn’t be Purim without our Megillah readers Deb Seders, Joy Steele-Morris, Carol Bloom, Beth Goodman, Shari Krockover, and Allyson Steselboim, or our Oneg sponsors, Harry Hirschl, Ivy Coleman, Carol Bloom, and Deb Seders.  What a fun night!  If you couldn’t make it, our Purim Rock Shabbat was a time when we flipped the service on its head, replacing our traditional liturgy with popular songs that spoke to the liturgical message of the moment.  While on the bima that evening, as Tommy and I were preparing for our next song, I said to the crowd, “If this program is a hit, I’d like it if instead of me picking the songs next year, the suggestions come from all of you!”  Judging by the number of suggestions still flooding my inbox, I will say that this program was a hit! To that end, I want to invite all of you, especially those of you who couldn’t celebrate with us this year, to think about how you can contribute ideas to next year’s Purim Rock Shabbat. Specifically, please share the songs you love and enjoy that might relate to certain pieces of liturgy.  For example, this year, for Ma’ariv Aravim, we sang James Taylor’s “Fire & Rain,” and for Shalom Rav, we sang John Lennon’s “Imagine.”  Take a look at the siddur and show me how creative we can be next year!  How exciting!

Now, to looking forward: Passover. I am very pleased to announce that Karen and Phil Fanwick have generously offered to chair this year’s seder at our Temple. We will have more information about this wonderful event shortly but in the meanwhile, for those who look forward to celebrating Pesach with our community, or those who wondered where you would find a seder this year, rest assured that Temple Israel will have a seat for you this holiday season!  Both Karen and Phil hope to help create a Passover where all feel “at home.” It will be a wonderful time for families and friends to gather around a table and participate, eat, sing, pray, and laugh in a comfortable environment.

Thank you all again for a wonderful Purim and wishing all of you a happy and healthy Pesach!


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