Temple Israel – Monthly Newsletter – February 2018

February holds a very exciting time for Temple Israel, and though I mentioned it in a Thursday reminder a few weeks back, it is worth mentioning again: On Monday, February 12, starting at 9:00 a.m., Rabbi Yochanan Salazar from Sofer on Site will begin diligently repairing our Torahs. Those of you who would like to stop by and see him work throughout the day are welcome to do so; however, I encourage everyone to join us at 5:30 p.m. that evening to hear Rabbi Salazar’s education session.

We at Temple Israel have invited the entire community to this event, as it is meaningful not only to our members, but to all Jews and non-Jews in the Greater Lafayette area. This wonderful opportunity is for unaffiliated Jews to see what amazing programs Temple Israel brings to its members and the community, and another opportunity for non-Jews to sit in friendship and in wonder, as we all stare upon the Five Books of Moses, the beginning of the Abrahamic religions. In speaking with Rabbi Druin, the president of Sofer on Site, I realized that the task of repairing and restoring a Torah is not just work, but an uplifting moment for our congregation.

We, too, will be repaired and renewed, parallel to our Torahs. Our Torahs will be made Kosher again, more easily readable by your rabbi and bar/bat mitzvah students, and kept in good condition. It is a blessing and a privilege to see this occur. Additionally, Sofer on Site offers the opportunity to have our own congregants help restore the Torah by helping to write letters or fill them in, if needed. Just imagine, after you write or repair a section of Torah, you will be able to see that portion, your work, read when that parsha arrives each year.

What an amazing opportunity! While we wish everyone who wanted to could take part in this wonderful mitzvah, because of time limitations, we have had to limit the number of spots for restoring to six. To secure a spot, you can bid on our online auction site. Those who win an opportunity to leave their mark in our Torah will do so during the potluck reception following the education session with Rabbi Salazar. Each person (or family) will have a private experience with Rabbi Salazar, during which you will learn about the history and importance of the letter you will repair. To that end, please bid and help support Temple Israel, while simultaneously becoming part of the living history of our Torah! Whether you are bidding or not, we hope to see you at 5:30 p.m. on February 12 to witness Temple Israel’s Torahs being fixed and presented in front of the entire community.

This wondrous event will bring Jews, Christians, and Muslims together so that all can learn about our sacred history and timeless values. After the education session, join us for the potluck reception, and mingle with Jews and non-Jews, members and nonmembers, showing the audacious hospitality that Reform Judaism boasts about. For any questions about the sofer’s visit, the education session, the potluck, or the auction, please do not hesitate to contact me or Beca! This is an exciting time for Temple Israel! Come be a part of it!


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