Temple Israel – Weekly Newsletter – 11/23/17

For years, even before Asher was born, Barrie and I have had a Thanksgiving tradition.  We sit around the table, with the smell of fresh food and the warmth of family and friends, and we go around saying what we are most thankful for.  This Thanksgiving, as we sit with our son in our new home, we will have many things to be thankful for including, most notably, all of you.  The past five months have truly been the greatest months of my rabbinic career thus far.  Barrie and I have felt so welcomed, so appreciated, and so embraced here at Temple Israel and in the Greater Lafayette area.  We have made friends quickly, built strong fellowships with colleagues and congregants, and been inspired to create, to experiment, and to work hard to meet the needs of this Jewish community.

I recently remarked at services that I could hear all of you singing the “new” melodies with confidence, and how amazing it is to hear that sacred hall filled with your voices.  This past Sunday, we had the biggest showing for Adult Education, so much so that we ran out of materials!  In these and so many other ways, I am continually impressed with how dedicated all of you are to the success of this Temple, and I am exceedingly grateful for all of your hard work.

May this Thanksgiving holiday bring you together with family and friends, food and music, merriment and discussion, and may God’s presence descend from the heavens and join you at the tables of gratitude and celebration.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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